Children with special needs

Why Early Intervention is so special for Children with Special Needs!!!

Dr Narendra Rathi MD, DNB, FIAP, Senior Child Specialist, Andheri West, Mumbai Every child is born with unique potential, but for some, development presents unique challenges. For children with special needs, early intervention can be the key to unlocking their full potential and creating a brighter future. Here we will delve into the crucial role […]

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DEIC – Early Intervention center

It is extremely important that children with NDD’s or Neuro developmental disabilities are recognized early and offered therapy at Early Intervention Therapy center. Ours is the first early Intervention Center in Akola district. We offer various therapies for such children including Child Psychology, Special education, Speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, etc. “Smile CDC doing great

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Children who have Cerebral Palsy or Spasticity or CP are treated regularly here. Their increased muscle tone is made to decrease with various techniques and medicines. Cerebral palsy assessment, treatment and cerebral palsy physiotherapy are available. Spastic Child needs comprehensive management strategy. Spastic diplegia, spastic paraplegia, spastic hemiplegia are various types. Cerebral Palsy physiotherapy guidelines