Telemedicine Center

Telemedicine center was started at Smile child development centre in May 2020, recognizing the needs of all special children taking therapy from our center.
This center came into effect and started smooth working due to idea, motivation, strategy planning and collaborative efforts of our beloved program manager Mr Shivam Rathi.
This centre is providing counselling, therapies and support to families and children with special needs.
Humengous impact of this telemedicine center is being appreciated by parents, local media and local government authorities.

Telemedicine Disclaimer

Smile Child Development Center declares that it is providing the said services as part of greater humanitarian good and to serve the society, in exercise of its obligations towards fighting COVID – 19 and the said telemedicine services/guidance/advisories are only being offered as mere value added services to the existing and potential patients of Child Development Center.
It is hereby specifically declare that Child Development Center shall not be liable for any legal consequences, both civil and criminal or otherwise for its act of providing online telemedicine services, as Child Development Center is only providing the same in its capacity as an intermediary and network service provider under Section 2(1)(w) of the Information Technology Act, 2000.
Smile Child Development Center disclaims any liability for any such online telemedicine services offered by it during coronavirus times. In these exceptional and hard times, the present telemedicine services are being offered so as to give patients and their family members appropriate guidance that they should move forward, with training their patients while being in the state of national lockdown. As and when the Central Government directs the removal of the national lockdown, please feel free to immediately visit the Smile Child Development Center in order to take benefits of the physical in – person consultancy and the medical advice provided by the highly qualified team of doctors and professionals of Child Development Center.
Before accessing the said telemedicine services of Child Development Centre, it is imperative that the concerned father/mother / natural guardian of the patient needs to take into account above facts.