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Mongolism or Downs syndrome or Karyotype Trisomy 21 is the commonest chromosomal disorder. We have a separate clinic for patients with Downs Syndrome. We give specialized and tailor made program for developmental and Behavioral issues in children with Downs syndrome. Best Occupational Therapy for Downs Syndrome patients help them for Activities of Daily Living ADL. We screen patients with Down’s syndrome for various associated defects. Our patients give feedback like this-

“Children with developmental disabilities are benefited a lot by treatment from expert school counselors, speech therapist, special educators, occupational therapists, audiologist, child psychologist and developmental pediatrics expert.”

“Smile CDC is very good center for overall and all round development of    children. Excellent services, wonderful infrastructure, expert therapists and caring approach towards children with disabilities is perfect. I will really give 5 stars ????. I am deeply thankful for providing such amazing services at such a reasonable and cheap rates at a place like Akola.”

“Best child development center in Akola district for children with special needs and children with disabilities. I deeply appreciate the modern equipment, diagnosis tests and expert therapists for treatment of children with speech problems, hyperactivity children and autistic kids. Smile CDC is a boon for central India.”

”Good and expert service facilities for all children with disabilities and children with special needs like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, intellectual disability, spastic children, children with paralysis are provided here in Smile CDC, smile children hospital @ Ramdaspeth, near railway station in Akola. I am very happy with this centre and all therapists.”