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Child Development Center since 1989

NeuroDiversity Clinic

- Leading Expert in Child Health since 1989.

- Early intervention facilities for high risk children and developmental and rehabilitative care for children with special needs

- Comprehensive health care for childhood disability which is about 10% in population.

- Environment to faster learning skills, creativity and development of children.

- Neurodevelopment therapy, physiotherapy, SI, occupational therapy, child counseling, child psychology, speech therapy, IQ testing and Aptitude testing

At Smile CDC, we work as a team to provide state of the art and comprehensive child development facilities in a patient and family friendly way. We strive for successful mainstreaming of differently abled children. We provide a complete gamut of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services for children with disabilities and children who need alternate support. Our work environment is professionally managed leading to continuity of care with utmost satisfaction. We serve children with special needs and have catered to 13,000+ children so far. We have also collaborated with a leading Indian NGO Helpage to provide our services to a remote village

‘Smile Healthcare, Rehabilitation & Research foundation’

We work for Independence & Mainstreaming of Differently abled children


Smile Speech & Hearing Center

Smile Speech  & Hearing center is providing integrated services for all speech problems and all hearing issues. This is the best center and all the modern equipment for providing testing (diagnostic) & therapies along with hearing aids (therapeutic) services. This center is managed by the speech professional & expert in speech, language, audiology and hearing pathologies who holds a postgraduate degree, MASLP.

Smile speech & Hearing center has audiologist & speech therapist which caters to various speech disorders including hesitancy, stammering, stuttering, omissions, substitution, distortion in speaking, late speech development, voice/phonation problems, disorders of verbal communication, speech fluency & pronunciation problems and cleft palate issues. The center is well known for the best speech therapy and speech evaluation it provides to children with autism, ADHD, slow learners, brain damage, cerebral palsy, receptive & expressive language disorders, hearing impaired individuals and various speech issues. Parents expressed high level of satisfaction with breathing exercises, voice exercises, strategies for relaxing the muscles when child speaks and oral motor exercises provided by speech specialist to help children having trouble with sounds, words, and sentences.
This center is providing comprehensive hearing services and hearing aids from last 6 years for the benefit of individuals with hearing loss, HI (Hearing Impaired), cochlear implant and all hearing problems. All high tech modern equipment for diagnosis of hearing loss are available here including OAE, BERA & all types of audiometers. The center is known for the best hearing screening and hearing confirmatory tests by the use of pure tone audiometer, impedance audiometer & free field audiometer. Hearing aid servicing, repairing, reprogramming and hearing aid batteries are also tackled. After assessment of hearing loss, hearing aid trial is undertaken before choosing the right digital or analog hearing aid.
This center has also provided post cochlear implant rehabilitation services to more than 20 children.

‘Smile Healthcare, Rehabilitation & Research foundation’

Our Process

1. Developmental monitoring

2. Developmental Screening & tests

3. Family Counselling, Goal setting, Plan of management, Timeline

4. Comprehensive Child Health Assessment with necessary investigations like Blood tests, Genetic tests, Eye check-up, Hearing, Brain MRI etc.

5. Therapy sessions with medical treatment

6. Periodic follow-ups

Our Impact


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I feel highly about Smile child development center catering to children with special needs. The staff is truly exceptional, and their dedication to the children is evident in everything they do. They have created a supportive and inclusive environment where children with special needs can thrive and reach their full potential. The center has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and the therapies and activities they offer are tailored to each child's specific needs. As a parent, I am so grateful for this center and the positive impact it has had on my child's development. I highly recommend this center to anyone looking for a safe, supportive, and caring environment for their child with special needs.
Umesh Donge
Google Review
Dr. Narendra Rathi, MD is an exceptional developmental and behavioral child specialist. His expertise shines through in his comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing children's developmental challenges. With a compassionate demeanor, he establishes a strong rapport with both patients and parents, fostering a supportive environment for growth. Dr. Rathi's dedication to enhancing children's well-being is evident in his thoughtful and effective strategies. A true asset to the field of child development.
Madhuri Nawadkar
Google Review
My niece's experience at Smile Speech and Hearing Center for speech therapy was life-changing. Their expertise in addressing misarticulations and various speech problems was evident from the start. The therapists were patient, understanding, and very swift at tailoring sessions to suit my child's needs. Watching my child's speech improve and gain confidence was heartwarming. I cannot thank Smile Center enough for positive impact they've had on my child's communication skills and overall development. 5 stars for speech Therapy Clinic.
Shubhangi Lunge
Google Review
Smile Child Development Center excels in providing top-notch care for developmental behavioral pediatrics. Their knowledgeable staff and comprehensive approach create a nurturing environment that supports children's growth and well-being. A trusted place where families can find effective solutions for their children's developmental challenges. Very much recommended for all developmental disabilities like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Scholastic backwardness, Speech difficulties and developmental delay. I deeply appreciate Dr Narendra Rathi’s team who is giving his services for more than 3 decades now.
Uday Jirwankar
Google Review

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