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Child Development Center

Smile Healthcare, Rehabilitation & Research (HRR) Foundation

Bringing Smile On Children's Faces Is Our Motto

Established charitable trust ‘Smile healthcare, rehabilitation & research foundation’ under which we are running “child development centre” since 1989. This centre caters to Neurodivergent population in India to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to physically and mentally challenged children.

We have extended free services to 13,000 plus children with ADHD, AUTISM, Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disability, cerebral palsy, speech and audiology defects and scholastic backwardness. We have state of the art child development centre and has neuro developmental therapist, special educator, occupational therapist, pediatrician, clinical psychologist, audiologist and speech therapist. These challenged children received neuro developmental therapy, sensory integration, speech therapy, special education and rehabilitative services.

We are holding regular awareness and diagnostic camps at grassroot level in various schools and gram panchayats. This is helping to create mass awareness of heavy but unidentified burden of neuro developmental disabilities in our society.

Smile Healthcare, Rehabilitation & Research (HRR) Foundation

Objective of Trust

Public awareness, basic and Advanced life support training and education, nursing & paramedical education, school children health, child development, social welfare and social empowerment, medical education, women health, women empowerment, medical education, women health, women empowerment, counselling and guidance services, health screening, children rights and women rights, capacity building, mental, emotional, cognitive, social and cultural development of children, human rights.