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Children who have Cerebral Palsy or Spasticity or CP are treated regularly here. Their increased muscle tone is made to decrease with various techniques and medicines. Cerebral palsy assessment, treatment and cerebral palsy physiotherapy are available. Spastic Child needs comprehensive management strategy. Spastic diplegia, spastic paraplegia, spastic hemiplegia are various types. Cerebral Palsy physiotherapy guidelines are meticulously followed.

“Best spastic child and cerebral palsy centre in vidarbha! Highest transparency and work with deep involvement.”

“Best centre for MRCP children who have spasticity and mental retardation! Dedicated team and very reasonable charges. Boon for cerebral palsy children.”

“Best child physiotherapy unit in Akola district for children with cerebral palsy, spastic children, hemiplegia, paralysis, stroke and muscle nerve diseases. Physiotherapy equipment and physiotherapy doctor diagnosis and treatment is highly professional”