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Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy means Science of Movement! Physiotherapy Definition is treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. Best Adult Physiotherapy clinic in Akola is started here. It has 5 departments : Preventive Physiotherapy, Spine Physiotherapy (Mc Kinsey Technique), Vestibular Physiotherapy, Pelvic floor Physiotherapy and Occupational Physiotherapy. Here is what our clients say:

“Physiotherapy for backache and other spine conditions are very good. Low back pain is treated with modern method of physiotherapy and treatment is quick with excellent results”

“Preventive physiotherapy work is very good and novel. It works wonders for life style diseases and weight loss too. Congratulations”

“I recommend vestibular rehabilitation services here. All modern diagnosis methods for vertigo and giddiness are available here with wonderful treatment in the form of vestibular rehab”

“Pelvic floor rehabilitation services are really fantastic here. Exercises for pelvic floor gives very good results for urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction”

“Adult physiotherapy department is excellent here. All high class equipment are available and physiotherapist are also very good ????”