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ADHD meaning or full form is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD child is seen and perceived as a problem child or clumsy child by many. ADHD symptoms are varied and in various severity. Hyperactive Child is also sometimes maladjusted in friends and peers. ADHD center at Smile CDC offers scientific hyperactive child treatment. Hyperactivity Disorder is very prevalent in our society. Our aim is to reach every ADHD child in Akola to alleviate challenges faced by such children. Child ADHD doctors and therapist use ADHD questionnaire and Rating scales to diagnose such children.

“Best hyperactivity doctor for children with ADHD, scholastic backwardness, inattentive child, impulsive child. ADHD doctors at smile CDC giving good results with increased concentration and better marks in school. I recommend child specialist doctor and therapist as best ADHD hyperactivity specialist”