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Speech therapy for kids, children and adults is available at Smile Speech, Voice and hearing center. Various speech therapy techniques are used to overcome speech articulation defects like stammering, stuttering, delayed speech, voice issues, puberphonia, high pitched voice in adolescents, girlish voice in boys etc. Stammering in children is quite common and stammering can be completely cured. Speech issues in children and adults are tackled by expert speech language pathologist. Voice training has helped many adolescents and adults in their academic and professional carrier. Adolescent voice change, voice breaking, deep voice in adolescents are professionally treated. Here is what our clients say:

“Best speech and voice treatment center in Akola, results for kids with speech problems like stammering, stuttering, delayed speech, hoarse voice, high pitch voice and phonation issues is given by postgraduate speech and language therapist. Children with late speech development are getting better results. I recommend for all speech therapy patients. Speech therapist at Smile child development Center are experts.”

“Best speech therapy centre in Maharashtra is at smile CDC, Ramdaspeth, Akola. Specialist speech therapist available here, postgraduate speech therapist (MASLP) is available and giving amazing speech therapy.”