Scholastic means related to School, school education. Scholastic backwardness in children means learning achievement which is below the expected for a given age, cognitive skills, and schooling. Children with low school performance or low academic performance face many difficulties at home and in schools. There are various reasons for school underachievement like: Sensory deficits-vision, hearing, Intellectual Disability / slow learner / mental retardation, LD / Learning Disability / Dyslexia, ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Psychiatric disorders, Tourette syndrome, Verbal or motor tics, Speech defects like Stammering, Stuttering, Speech articulation defect, Motor disorder- Cerebral Palsy, Medical Diseases-Anemia, Hypothyroid, XXY Klinefelter Syndrome, , Wilson Disease, under nutrition (diet quality, skipping breakfast…), Lead poisoning, Family/parental issues-education, employment, socioeconomic, cultural, parental involvement in school & studies, family happiness , family burden on child and School related issues. School under achievement and lagging behind in studies creates negative impact on the emotional and social functioning of the child. It not only affects the child early in their life but also can significantly scar their future. Poor school performance is quite common-20% prevalence.

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