Meaning of Audiology : related to Hearing.

Hearing concern or Audiology concern is common in children and adults alike. We are running the best Audiology center and successfully meeting the needs of patients with HI – Hearing Impairment, Deafness. Audiology and Speech language pathology is a specialized center at our Smile Child Development Center. Audiology and Speech therapy are interrelated. We carry out all audiology tests by specialized equipment. Feedback from our patients:

“Audiology facilities are best – all audiology equipment, audiologist and hearing tests are state of the art”

“Best center for hearing impaired and deafness problem. All tests and treatments available at Smile CDC, Hearing tests and Hearing Machine services are excellent”

“Audiometry test center at Smile hospital is excellent! All tests for hearing are done with state of the art equipment & all Hearing Solutions are wonderful”

“Very good BERA and OAE center for hearing assessment of children!!!”