Children with anger proneness, irritability, thumb sucking, nail biting, bed wetting, temper tantrums, stubbornness, speaking lies, stealing are offered Behaviour Therapy. Behavioral Therapy center is offering full structured program for Behavior Modification in Children. Behaviour therapy techniques are applied to such children to bring about positive changes in their behavior. Child behavior therapist work with parents. Behavioral checklist is applied in Child Behavior Therapy.

“Child psychologist and child psychiatrist services are really excellent at Smile child development Center @ Ramdaspeth, Akola. Children with psychological issues are getting best treatment here. Behavioral issues in child and thumb sucking, nail biting, anger problem have very good results.”

“Smile CDC @ Ramdaspeth Smile children hospital has Expert child Psychologist examination and therapy gives very good results for children with behavioral disorders, stress, anxiety, depression etc. Child psychiatry services are also available.”