Q. What is disability?
We all can sit, stand, walk, run, climb, touch, feel, see, fear and speak, read and write, learn and understand. A few cannot perform these activities. These few are people with disabilities.

Q. What is the number of people suffering with disabilities?
5 out of every 100 persons are estimated to be disabled while majority suffer from minor disability a few are severely affected.

Q. What are the causes and who are at risk?
Anyone can suffer rich/poor, rural/urban, educated/uneducated. Causes, are Antenatal, Natal, Post natal.
Antenatal :- Torch group of infection, too early or too late pregnancy.
Natel :- Prematurity, delayed cry, asphyxia, jaundice.
After birth :- Encephalopathy, accidents, epileptic seizures, Besides these polio, head injury, encephalitis metabolic disorders etc could cause disabilities.

Q. How can I avoid disabilities?
– Avoiding pregnancy before 18year and after 35year
– Regular checkup and treatment during pregnancy
– Get the delivery done by properly trained dais or at a health centre, hospital. Protect the child from various diseases by proper vaccination

Q. How do I recognize disabilities?
Delay in development milestones could be a pointer towards disabilities for eg.

Q. Whom to contact:-

Q. Do I get any scholarships and facilities?
Yes there are various scholarship and concessions like.

  1. Scholarship for education.
  2. Concession in rail/road fares
  3. Various aids and appliances
  4. Reservation in jobs.
  5. Exemption from income tax.

Q. How to educate and train the disabled child.
The child can be educated in special schools. He/She can get home based training. As for as treatment is concerned there are various hospitals and early intervention centers likes smile hospital etc.

Q. What else can I do?
Lastly take proper care of wife at home Give her sufficient balanced diet keep the social atmosphere at home pleasant.